I have no words to express how happy I was when I saw how my skin looked after the Microdermabrasion treatments done at Mina’s Beauty 2000. -M.S.

I got so many compliments on my bridal makeup and hair.  It was truly a great experience.  I loved it. -Amy F.

I love the professional and relaxing atmosphere at Beauty 2000 and always look forward to my visits at the spa, which are on regular basis-every 3 weeks. -U.M.

My eyebrows looked wonderful after they had been threaded at Beauty 2000.  They were perfectly shaped.  Definitely worth it. -R.S.

It was a relaxing experience when I got my facial done at Mina’s.  I fell asleep with the sound of the soothing music.  I would highly recommend facials at Beauty 2000 every month. -Becky S.

I was really apprehensive when I made an appointment for waxing of my legs and arms at Mina’s Beauty 2000.  But the whole experience was  quite painless and fast.  The wax was just right and my legs and arms felt soft and smooth.  I think I have gotten addicted to this procedure.  Mina is great. -E.S.

I loved the back, neck, shoulder massage and the hair oil massage I got.  I felt rejuvenated and all the tension seemed to melt away.  Thank you Mina!  -Angela V.