Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need to thread my eyebrows and not wax or tweeze them?

A. Threading helps to give a better shape to the eyebrows and there is no danger of getting scabs or burns with it.  The eyebrows can get perfectly arched with the thread which the wax or tweezer cannot do.


Q. Why is waxing for legs better than shaving them?

A. Waxing is the best way to remove hair from the legs.  This is because the hair takes a much longer time to grow back as it gets taken out from its roots.  There is no ingrown hair and the hair that grows back is very soft and fine.  The legs feel smooth for a long time.  If one always waxes, the hair growth gradually reduces on the legs.  Same goes for waxing of arms as well.


Q. Why is oil massage good for the hair?

A. Oil nourishes the scalp and prevents it from drying and flaking.  Oil massage rejuvenates and soothes the mind plus helps the hair to become healthy.


Q. How many times should one get facials done?

A. Facials should be done at least once a month, if not every 3 weeks.


Q. Why are facials helpful?

A. Facials boost the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  They help to restore the skin’s natural radiance and makes you look younger.


Q. Why is paraffin so important for the hands and feet?

A. Paraffin is an excellent source of hydration that leaves the hands and feet feeling silky smooth.


Q. Why do people get hand facials?

A. Hands are the most used/abused part of one’s body.  When regular facials are done on the face, it does not show the age as wrinkles are reduced and makes you look younger, similarly in hand facials, the hand wrinkles will be lessened as well.  Thus, not showing your age through your hands.